We produce high-class dials. The style of dials includes oil hydraulic, enamel, M.O.P, etching, carbon fiber, UP and multifunction combination. We are always welcome to your orders.
Pattern dial:
  • Sunray style is when you look at the dial the reflection is radial like a sun.
  • Mirror style is after finishing and polishing the dial, we electroplate gold or silver color to make it look like a mirror.
  • Paint spray printing style is spraying printing inks on the dial. It could be polished, semi polished or matt.
    • Polished:by spraying varnish on the dial, the surface will be really shiny. You can spray any color you want, but it gets dirty more easily than other kinds.
    • Semi polished:We spray matt varnishing on the dial and it’s usually black or white. You can also spray any color you want, the shininess is between polished dial and matt dial.
    • Printing:We usually use silk print or pad print.
  • Spray sands style is to spray small sand like silver sands, dark-grey sands, light-grey sands or white-silver sands on the dial.
  • Brushed style is grain’s pattern like straight grain or cross grain.
  • Record pattern style is used on small parts on the dial. It’s consisted of many circles and usually used on dials with two or three eyes.
Enamel dial:
Enamel dials’ producing process is more complicated than others. We usually blank it first, and fillet weld leg with the movement’s style. After nickel-electroplated and spray high-temperature lucidity oil, we leave the dial for 12 hours to cool it down and higher up the temperature again slowly. The rigidity of the dial will show obviously; and we polish it with a waterstone till it is shinny and smooth. According to the style of the dial we may punch 12-o’clocks holes, print or apply indexes.
Etching dial:
You can etch all kind of graphics or patterns on the dial. Using screen printing with acid-alkali resistant ink on the dial, we etch the dial and clean the ink off. After it is done we may electroplate it with different colors, spray oils, print and apply indexes.
Oil hydraulic dial:
It applies to all kind of patterns and graphics. We engrave the mould in CNC Machining Center, the rigidity of the mould should be 60 degrees, and we use oil hydraulic press with 300 tons pressure (more or less) pressing the copper sheet into the look you want. We press the mould which is based on the size of the watches, after that we may fillet weld leg, electroplate it with different colors, spray oils, print and apply indexes. The specialty about it is it could show more 3D style design on the dial.
M.O.P dial:
We provide two kinds of shells you can choose, freshwater shells and seashells. Freshwater shells are all from artificial breeding freshwater pearls, they have all different kind of shapes and colors, and they are low-priced. We usually process them with spiral shell’s color; then we may punch 12-o’clocks holes, electroplate it with different colors, spray oils, print and apply indexes. Seashells are from pearls in the sea. Because they are rare, the price of them is usually three times more than freshwater pearls.
Electroplate dial:
We usually plat it with gold, silver or gun color.
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